Solar One is Bahrain’s first solar panel manufacturing facility. Our mission is to produce high quality solar panels using state of the art technology. To provide clean, free energy for everyone.

Our vision is to lead the way in the renewable energy industry in the Middle East, and help steer the region towards meeting and exceeding its climate goals. We will use solar energy to power local homes and businesses while helping the planet. A clean, renewable and sustainable energy alternative.

Our facility’s manufacturing capacity is 60,000 panels per year. This is equal to producing 15 MegaWatts of power. Our prices are comparable to those available in China or India, without the import cost.

Solar One’s official launch media coverage on 22 Jan 2017

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Solar Energy Facts

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Industrial Solar

Reduce your electricity expenditure. Use your existing roofs and structures to generate revenue. Take advantage of government incentives and reduce your carbon footprint while enjoying a safe and sustainable return on your investment.

Domestic Solar

Save on your energy bill. Reduce your carbon footprint and guard against increasing electricity costs. Solar is maintenance free, quiet and doesn’t smell!

LED Solar Lights

Off-grid, long-life and low maintenance street lighting with large areas of high-intensity illumination. A wide variety of configurations are available to meet various environmental and illumination requirements.