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Hello We are Solar One – Bahrain’s First Solar PV Panel Manufacturer

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Hello, we are Solar One. We are Bahrain’s first Solar PV Panel production facility. So, who are we? What do we do? Why does it matter? How can we help you?

We are local. We are a Bahraini borne, Bahraini run company. We bring what we have learnt during state of the art, rigorous training from our friends in Italy to our home. We hold our facility and machinery to international standards. With worldwide expertise coming to Bahrain, sustainable reliability is our defined outlook. By applying our knowledge, our Bahraini workforce will run our Solar PV Panel production facility. Bahrainis at home and at work will benefit from it.

From Bahrain, for Bahrain – Manufacturing Bahrain’s very own Solar PV Panels

Our mission is to produce high quality Solar PV Panels in Bahrain using state of the art technology. To provide clean, free energy for everyone. Bahrain is one of the most sun-rich areas on our planet. When it comes to energy, our near constant sunny days are our biggest renewable asset. Our vision is to lead the way in the Renewable Energy industry in Bahrain, and help steer the country towards meeting and exceeding its climate goals. We plan to use our environment to our advantage. We do this by harnessing the natural energy of the streaming desert sunlight. We will use Solar Energy to power local homes and businesses while helping the planet. A clean, renewable and sustainable energy alternative.

Renewable Energy is an industry in its infancy in the region. The Middle East is an area that is traditionally reliant on oil and natural gas for power. But, oil and gas are non-renewable. Once we run out, that’s it. A huge benefit of Solar Energy is that it is renewable – as long as we are orbiting the sun, we can make use of its energy. Another advantage is that Solar Energy is clean. No drilling, fracking or mining has to take place to make use of it. Like plants that use the sun to photosynthesize, we can spread our leaves and use the energy of the sun’s rays. What are our leaves? Solar PV Panels – manufactured in Bahrain – used across the globe.

By using Solar Energy we are drastically reducing Bahrain’s carbon footprint. We estimate that with our Solar PV Panel manufacturing efforts, we are eliminating 20,000 tonnes of carbon per year, the same as taking 4,400 cars off the road.

Our facility’s manufacturing capacity is 60,000 panels per year. This is equal to producing 15 MegaWatts of power. Our prices are comparable to those available in China or India, without the import cost. This is because the Solar PV Panels are manufactured and assembled in Bahrain.

We are able to make panels of different sizes to suit different energy needs. Panel sizes range from 1 Watt to 350 Watt. 250 Watt is the standard size for the industry. Being able to tailor make panels makes Solar One adaptable to your unique energy needs. Solar One is positioned to anticipate and facilitate a shift towards Renewable Energy. Solar Power will prove to be the Bahraini household or business’ economical choice.

After the utilities subsidy in Bahrain lifts, the proposed rate of energy will be 28 fils per kWh. At this rate, if you install just 8 solar panels onto a building, you stand to save around 8 BD per month. This totals approximately to 100BD per year!

We are Solar One. We are Bahrain’s first Solar PV Panel manufacturing facility. We help you take Solar Energy and turn it into clean, renewable power for your homes and businesses.

We are Solar One and we are putting power back in the hands of the people.

10 Interesting Facts about Solar PV Panels

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10 Interesting Facts about Solar PV Panels and Solar Power in the Middle East from Solar One – Bahrain’s first Solar PV Panel Manufacturer.

  1. Solar One will produce 60,000 panels from the first year of operation.
  2. Solar One is the first Solar Photo Voltaic Panel manufacturer in Bahrain and the GCC
  3. Getting solar panels installed on your home can take just one day.
  4. About two-thirds of the global Solar PV capacity has been installed in the last 2.5 years – in 2002 it was just 2.2GW – but is now in excess of 140GW.
  5. The average cost of a Solar PV Panel in 1977 was $76.67/watt, while in 2013 this was just $0.698/watt – which in simple terms means that Solar Panels are now about 100 times cheaper than they were 35 years ago. This is making the cost of generating electricity from solar comparable with fossil fuels in some places.
  6. Enough Sunlight falls on the earth every hour to meet the world’s energy demand for a whole year!
  7. An average 3kW system consists of 12 solar photovoltaic panels, requiring approximately 21m2 of space. A system of this size would produce 2550Wh of electricity annually which is about half of an average household’s electricity requirements.
  8. This does not take into account the fact you no longer need to buy the electricity from the government.
  9. When most people talk about Solar Panels they are referring to Solar PV Panels that produce electricity; however, there are panels that produce just hot water – these are known as Solar Thermal Panels.
  10. A 4kW can be installed for between BD1,000 – BD2,850 and the financial returns are estimated to be in excess of BD200 annually.

PV Panels typically account for only 1/3rd of the cost of the total system. Here’s an easy reference for the projected power savings in Bahrain for the number of panels installed: