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10 Interesting Facts about Solar PV Panels and Solar Power in the Middle East from Solar One – Bahrain’s first Solar PV Panel Manufacturer.

  1. Solar One will produce 60,000 panels from the first year of operation.
  2. Solar One is the first Solar Photo Voltaic Panel manufacturer in Bahrain and the GCC
  3. Getting solar panels installed on your home can take just one day.
  4. About two-thirds of the global Solar PV capacity has been installed in the last 2.5 years – in 2002 it was just 2.2GW – but is now in excess of 140GW.
  5. The average cost of a Solar PV Panel in 1977 was $76.67/watt, while in 2013 this was just $0.698/watt – which in simple terms means that Solar Panels are now about 100 times cheaper than they were 35 years ago. This is making the cost of generating electricity from solar comparable with fossil fuels in some places.
  6. Enough Sunlight falls on the earth every hour to meet the world’s energy demand for a whole year!
  7. An average 3kW system consists of 12 solar photovoltaic panels, requiring approximately 21m2 of space. A system of this size would produce 2550Wh of electricity annually which is about half of an average household’s electricity requirements.
  8. This does not take into account the fact you no longer need to buy the electricity from the government.
  9. When most people talk about Solar Panels they are referring to Solar PV Panels that produce electricity; however, there are panels that produce just hot water – these are known as Solar Thermal Panels.
  10. A 4kW can be installed for between BD1,000 – BD2,850 and the financial returns are estimated to be in excess of BD200 annually.

PV Panels typically account for only 1/3rd of the cost of the total system. Here’s an easy reference for the projected power savings in Bahrain for the number of panels installed: