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Solar One Produces First “Made In Bahrain” Solar Panel


Solar One is proud to present the first photo voltaic (PV) solar panel made in Bahrain. This marks the start of an exciting era for solar power generation in Bahrain. Solar One offers real and cost-effective alternatives to power generation. Bahrain enjoys a year-round sun and hence a capability of sustainable power generation. Manufacturing solar panels stakes Bahrain’s claim as a pioneer of innovation in the region. This puts Bahrain at the forefront of the global solar industry. Our facility’s manufacturing capacity is 60,000 panels per year. This equals 15 megawatts of power. We are excited to begin putting power back into the hands of the people.

Solar One’s PV panels are made from top quality regionally sourced materials. High-quality cells especially imported from Taiwan. Our manufacturing process arranges 60 cells along a panel in-house, making one 1.6mx0.99m panel. One panel generates 250 Watts. This is the standard industry size. Every cell and every panel is put through a rigorous quality control process. This ensures that they pass international standards which guarantee trouble-free and long-life operation. Panels are custom built to fit solar power networks from 1 to 350 Watts. Panels can be seamlessly connected to a wide range of solar power grids.

Solar One’s panels are very competitively priced. Their delivered costs in Bahrain is comparable to the FOB prices of China or India. This makes them Bahrain’s most cost effective renewable energy solution. Solar One is eager to connect with distributors, dealers, resellers and installers in the region. We look forward to making solar power an accessible alternative renewable power resource.

Solar One is moving full speed ahead, manufacturing PV panels with automated manufacturing workflow. Automation ensures consistent high quality panels.

For a small, 8 panel, 2000 Watt solar power system, the approximate cost of the panels is BD480. This generates a monthly average of 289kWh effecting savings of approximately BD8 per month. This adds up to more than BD100 annually. A 100 panel system generating 25,000 Watts will cost approximately BD6,000. This generates a total of 3614kWh per month generating savings of over BD1,200 per year. Savings calculations use the rate of 28fils per kWh. This is the rate on businesses and non-Bahrainis when the energy subsidies are removed.

“We are pleased to be in-line with the government’s vision of the use of sustainable energy. We look forward to working closely with the EWA to promote solar energy to the benefit of our kingdom. Our first year targeted production of 15 Mega watts will undoubtedly have a positive effect on solar power users.” – Rami Khalifeh, Solar One

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