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Solar One visits Minister of Electricity and Water Affairs

Solar One Managing Director,  Rami Khalifeh and Business Development Director, Faisal Khalifeh met with HE Dr Abdulhussain Bin Ali Mirza , Minister of Electricity and Water Affairs. Read the details of the visit, where we had the pleasure of meeting and discussing pertinent details about Renewable and Sustainable Energy with HE as well as the Sustainable Energy Unit within the Electricity and Water Affairs.

Solar One Makes Headlines

Al Wasat newspaper published quite the spread in the economics section of their September 7th Issue.

Read the news straight from our Managing Director Rami Khalifeh and Business Development Manager Faisal Khalifeh as they talk about Solar One’s plans in manufacturing approx 60,000 Solar PV Panels for distribution in Bahrain and across the Gulf Region.

Solar One July Roundup

Renewable energy is the way forward but you might be wondering whether investing in Solar panels is the best choice for you, or perhaps you are a bit skeptical about it all… 

Is it worth the money? How will it benefit me and save me money overall? How efficient is it? Will money be spent on maintenance?

In July’s roundup we will answer your questions and reassure you that becoming eco-friendly is the way to go.

Solar One June Roundup

The first of Solar One’s roundups – Learn about the aspirations and plans of Solar One and how we aim to bring Solar Panels to Bahrain and the Middle East, 10 interesting facts about PV Panels, and the What and How of Solar Power.

Solar One – Manufacturing Solar Panels in Bahrain – Putting Power back in the hands of the People.

Case Study: King Abdullah University, Saudi Arabia

As part of King Abdulla University of Science & Technology’s environmental friendly initiatives, a 2 MW photovoltaic (PV) system was installed on the roof of one of the University’s main academic campus buildings. The solar power plant, with 9,300 SunPower™ high efficiency solar panels, is the largest PV installation in Saudi Arabia to date.

Report: Middle East Solar Outlook for 2016

2015 was a groundbreaking year for solar in the Middle East. In 2016, total electrical energy demand in the Middle East region is expected to exceed 900 TWh.

In order to help satisfy this thirst for energy, the Middle East has been setting new bench- marks in terms of adopting large-scale solar power plants.

Study: The Impact of Dust on Solar PV Panels

Dust is the lesser acknowledged factor that significantly influences the performance of the PV installations.

This paper provides an appraisal on the current status of research in studying the impact of dust on PV system performance and identifies challenges to further pertinent research. A framework to understand the various factors that govern the settling/assimilation of dust and likely mitigation measures have been discussed in this paper.

Report: EPIA – Unlocking the Sunbelt Potential of PV

Photovoltaic (PV) development is booming. With more than 7,000 MW added to the global generation base in 2009, the cumulated installed base is now well over 22 GW.

Somewhat paradoxically, however, this growth is mainly driven by countries outside the world’s Sunbelt; in fact the growth of PV could be accelerated tremendously, if the world’s Sunbelt PV potential would be “unlocked”.

Report: A Bright Future for Solar Power in the Middle East

The steady price decline of solar power generation infrastructure, especially photovoltaic cells, is making the renewable option more viable for North African and Middle Eastern states, a region where the sun shines in abundance.

A Bright Future for Solar Power in the Middle East is republished with permission of Stratfor.”