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Solar Power, Solar Energy , Renewable Energy , PV Panels – these can all be confusing and that’s why we answer the questions you may have.

If you can’t find the answer you are looking for then drop us a line – we’d be glad to chat.

How do Solar PV Panels work?

You can think of Solar PV Panels like the leaves on a plant. They draw in the sun’s energy, and convert this energy into a form we can use – electricity. The more efficient your panel, the more energy they absorb. Converting the sun’s energy to electricity is a simple process. A circuit connected to the panels are able to generate a current out of solar energy for use as electricity. Batteries store the power collected by the panels. The more you store, the more you can use on the (rare) cases that there is no sun.  The huge supply of Bahraini sunshine means a huge supply of solar energy. You can use this energy year round.

The regulator is the brain of your system. This controls how much your batteries can charge. When the batteries reach their optimum storage limit, the regulator stops power coming in. This prevents the batteries from overloading. Finally, the inverter converts your energy  to voltage that is suitable to use in your home. Solar cells generate energy as a direct current (DC). However, most household appliances run on alternate current (AC). Direct current runs from the solar cells to the inverter. This converts the energy to alternate current for use in most homes

Is Solar Energy a reliable investment?

Solar energy systems still gain energy even on a cloudy day, it does not have to be in direct sunlight all day. Luckily, in Bahrain, we enjoy an average of 8 months of sun per year! In such a sun rich area, solar energy is an investment that keeps on returning.

For example, installing 8 panels with a system size of 2,000Watts will cost you approx BD 480. Once up and running, you end up saving BD 100.572 a year.

If you opt for 100 panels with a system size 25,000Watts, you stand to save over BD 1,200 per year with an initial investment of only BD6,000

Solar panels are durable. There are no moving parts to keep servicing and they are low maintenance.  With proper installation and minimal upkeep needed, they can last up to 25 years!  The initial cost to install ends up being well worth it. Consider it as a great long term investment.

Are the Solar One PV Panels imported from abroad?

No. Solar One is the first Solar PV Panel manufacturer in Bahrain and the GCC.

We locally manufacture top quality, durable and easy to install solar panels. We produce PV solar panels for household, commercial and industrial sized solar projects.

Panel sizes range from one Watt to 350 Watt. 250 Watt is the standard size for the industry.

Does Solar One Install the PV Panels they Manufacture?

Solar One is the first Solar PV Panel manufacturer in Bahrain. We partner with distributors of solar power systems. We do not install solar panels ourselves. We provide our panels to licensed dealers around the area. We pass on our expertise to our distributors. This way distributors can help you put together your own custom solar panel system. They can mix and match batteries and inverters with our panels to best suit your needs.

Distributors may opt to take on installation themselves. They may have external installers working with them. Either way, our panels are make for easy and hassle free installation to any solar power system. Contact us today. We can put you in touch with trusted Solar One distributors and get your installation under way.

Does Solar One provide panels for residential projects?

Yes! Solar One manufactures panels for residential, commercial and industrial purposes. We customize to suit your needs—panel sizes range from one Watt to 350 Watt.

250 Watt is the standard size for the industry.

Need to add more panels? The transition is easy. You can buy a smaller system and then build on it as you move away from non-renewable energy to a solar powered home.

What do I need to know about the Characteristic of the Panels?

Solar One manufactures panels according to industry standard and range from 1watt to 350watts – and the standard panel size is 1.6m x 0.99m – however because we have our own tabber and stringer machines, we are able to make panels of any size.

Maximum Power (Pmax) 250 W
Power output tolerance (W) +3W, – 0 W
Voltage at Pmax ( V mp) 31.62 V
Current at Pmax ( I mp) 7.953 A
Open-Circuit voltage (Voc) 37.92 V
Short-Circuit Current (Isc) 8.488 A
Module Efficiency ( % ) 14.88