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What Dust means for Your Solar PV Panels’ Performance?

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On average Bahrain enjoys 8 months of sunny days – but that does come with its fair share of dust weather. As a desert island, we are constantly surrounded by sand and dust.

We take steps to avoid being sandblasted. We coat our cars in protective gel before road trips. We also keep windows closed, and stay inside during dust storms. But, our PV solar panels need the protection too. Dust and other elements such as bird droppings, leaves and sand affect how your panels work – and even though our panels are made to work in extreme difficult weather conditions, care must be taken.

Solar panels left to accumulate dirt end up much less effective. Dust promotes dust, and sticky or dirty panels are no exception to this. Our Solar One panels are set to last for up to 25 years with minimal maintenance. Regular cleaning falls under this minimal maintenance.

If neglected and uncleaned; your panels will without a doubt be prone to damage above any usual wear and tear. Some studies put dust as a culprit of decreasing solar capacity of up to 32% over 8 months. Regular cleaning can save you one third of wasted energy production! Seasonal changes are sure to effect this too. With the minimal rainfall we see in Bahrain that could act as a relief to dust, you’ll need to step up the cleaning schedule.

Luckily, our solar PV panels are easy to clean. You can clean your panels yourself, or have someone do them for you. Cleaning your panels takes minimal effort. This ensures that they are working at their best capacity.

If you opt to clean your panels yourself, you need to occasionally wipe them down. You can do this just like you would a windshield. A sponge and soapy water with some rags to dry will do just fine. After particularly dusty days or sandstorms, a wipe down is especially important.

You can check if your panels need cleaning in one of two ways.

First, you can physically check them:

Go outside and have a look if they need cleaning. If so, you’ll know – they’ll be dusty. This is probably the best especially after a dust storm.

Second, you can buy a monitor:

These help to check for dust that has accumulated over time. Monitors are available that check your panel’s output capacity. They keep tabs on how much electricity they are producing. These monitors will allow for a comparison over time. First, you need to know your panel’s baseline electricity production level.  When the production level dips below the baseline, you’ll know it’s time to clean your panel. This is a good option as you are able to consistently check your panel’s production levels.

In Bahrain, dust is prevalent every day. These monitors allow you to keep an eye on dust build up and clean your panels accordingly.

Solar monitoring systems also provide other valuable information. You can monitor how much energy you’ve produced, see how much CO2 emissions you’ve saved and, importantly, how much money you’ve saved.

Installing solar panels is the renewable way to power homes and businesses. Taking the time to clean your panels of dust and debris ensures that they work to their highest capacity.

In a dusty country like Bahrain, regular panel cleanings are essential. Solar One’s PV panels are built to last, with minimal upkeep and maintenance. This makes sure that you get the most for what you are paying and your panels are working at highest efficiency.

Solar PV Panels – The Distribution and Installation Process

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We are Solar One – Manufacturing Middle East Solar PV Panels.

We manufacture top quality, durable and easy to install Solar PV Panels – right here in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Now its your turn, the distributors and installers to put power back in the hands of the people.

We understand the value of building meaningful partnerships. We commit to meeting your distribution needs every step of the way. These can be distributed to residential, commercial or industrial solar power projects. Our panels can fit any system, and adapted to any project size. Our staff is internationally trained in solar technical procedures and streamlined manufacturing processes.

The Manufacturing Process.

We craft our panels with care and accountability. This is done through an automated process that minimizes human error. Manufacturing of Solar One panels takes place at a state of the art, best in class facility. Our facility’s production capacity is 60,000 panels per year. This translates to producing 15 MegaWatts of power. We optimize our workflow to ensure consistency and quality to the highest degree.

The Distribution Process.

As a distributor, you want to know that the product you’re getting works. You also want to learn how to get it to work. Solar One will help you. You get to pass this education on to your dealer network. End users look for professional know-how. It makes a daunting task seem less so. Knowledge is power—in this case, solar power. Pass it on.

Solar One’s panels are the most affordable part of the solar power system. By constructing panels locally, we keep our prices internationally competitive. They are comparable to the prices of panels from India or China, without the import cost. Panels typically take up one third of the system cost. This leaves you the option of investing and sourcing your own ancillary equipment. Inverters, battery storage units and installation take up the lion’s share of the investment. Being able to budget towards this ensures that from start to finish, your system will be the best it can be.

The Installation Process.

Installation could not be easier than with our Bahrain Manufactured Solar PV Panels. We manufacture Solar PV Panels and hold them to the highest international standards. We have chosen a streamlined manufacturing process. Our staff is trained to follow international industry standards. Solar One’s factory designers and solar technicians have completed rigorous training in Italy. We apply this training to building the best, most affordable and seamlessly installed panels we can. We have complete confidence in our panels. With a 25 year guarantee, these panels provide installation peace of mind!

We commit to making solar power attainable for all, and are paving the way for accessible alternative energy. With the methods we have adopted, the PV panels are manufactured in different sizes to suit different energy needs. These can range from 1 Watt to 350 Watt. 250 Watt is the standard size for the industry. This helps you remain as adaptable as possible. Being adaptable means having an added competitive edge. You can start taking on distribution projects of any size. You are adaptable to service residential, commercial or even industrial solar projects.

Being adaptable means having an added competitive edge.


Solar One is proud of the fact that our Solar PV Panels are so seamless to connect. In testing, we have been able to have as many as 8 panels installed in a single day! This saves you an amazing amount of effort down the line. With effortless connection comes streamlined quality control.  You are an integral part of our quality control chain. From us to you. To dealers and installers. Finally, to the end user, we commit to quality from start to finish.

With Solar One Solar PV Panels, you can rest assured. Whether you are a dealer, distributor, installer or even end user- the panels you purchase from Solar One are state of the art, reliable and durable. This leaves you available to focus on other things. Strengthening your dealer network and handling logistic elements of your system, for example.

Your dealers may also be your installers. They may choose to hire on external installers. Also, they may buy different components to form their own complete, integrated system. We understand the importance of having panels that enable hassle free connection. There are so many variations that adaptability is key.

With effortless connection comes streamlined quality control.

We are Solar One. We strive to build distribution partnerships as strong as the panels we manufacture. Ride the wave of sustainable change with us. Together, we can put power back into the hands of the people.

Contact us to become a distributor.

Saving Money with Solar Energy

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We’ve been hearing a lot about Solar Energy in recent years – we’ve also heard about saving money with Solar Energy – but is it all just hype?

Renewable Energy is the way forward but you might be wondering whether investing in Solar Panels is the best choice for you, or perhaps you are a bit skeptical about it all… is it worth the money? How will it benefit me? How will I be saving money with Solar Energy? How efficient is it? Will money be spent on maintenance?

Let’s answer your questions and reassure you that becoming eco-friendly is the way to go.

Is it a reliable investment ?

Firstly let’s just clarify that Solar Energy systems still gain energy even on a cloudy day, it does not have to be in direct sunlight all day, so you wont be wasting money if the weather happens to be awful frequently. However, we are lucky here in Bahrain that the sun loves to be out and about – did you know on average we enjoy 8 months of sunny days!

Is it worth the money? How will it benefit me? How will I be saving money with Solar Energy?

Is it worth the money? Yes it is! It’s great to be energy independent. Once you install your Solar Panels they will last for approximately 25 years, the more you invest in panels the more money you will save.

For instance, 8 panels will cost 480BD but you will save 100.572BD a year and if you buy 100 panels it will cost 6,000BD, while you will be saving 1,257.672BD a year, so the money spent will be worth it, consider it as a great long term investment.

Another reason why you would want to consider Solar Energy is because utility companies depend themselves on oil, coal and other fossil fuels which means utility rates are unpredictable and rise. However, by installing Solar Panels you secure yourself a low and most importantly predictable electricity cost which means that your savings can continue to grow throughout the years.

Will I be spending more money on maintenance?

You may be telling yourself “Well it can’t be possible to save that much money. Probably a lot of money will be spent on maintenance.” But that’s incorrect! The great thing about Solar Power systems is that they require a very small amount of maintenance so you do not have to worry about spending extra money to upkeep them.

Saving Money with Solar Energy is a sure thing! Its up to you to decide just how much you are willing to spend to save.

Hello We are Solar One – Bahrain’s First Solar PV Panel Manufacturer

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Hello, we are Solar One. We are Bahrain’s first Solar PV Panel production facility. So, who are we? What do we do? Why does it matter? How can we help you?

We are local. We are a Bahraini borne, Bahraini run company. We bring what we have learnt during state of the art, rigorous training from our friends in Italy to our home. We hold our facility and machinery to international standards. With worldwide expertise coming to Bahrain, sustainable reliability is our defined outlook. By applying our knowledge, our Bahraini workforce will run our Solar PV Panel production facility. Bahrainis at home and at work will benefit from it.

From Bahrain, for Bahrain – Manufacturing Bahrain’s very own Solar PV Panels

Our mission is to produce high quality Solar PV Panels in Bahrain using state of the art technology. To provide clean, free energy for everyone. Bahrain is one of the most sun-rich areas on our planet. When it comes to energy, our near constant sunny days are our biggest renewable asset. Our vision is to lead the way in the Renewable Energy industry in Bahrain, and help steer the country towards meeting and exceeding its climate goals. We plan to use our environment to our advantage. We do this by harnessing the natural energy of the streaming desert sunlight. We will use Solar Energy to power local homes and businesses while helping the planet. A clean, renewable and sustainable energy alternative.

Renewable Energy is an industry in its infancy in the region. The Middle East is an area that is traditionally reliant on oil and natural gas for power. But, oil and gas are non-renewable. Once we run out, that’s it. A huge benefit of Solar Energy is that it is renewable – as long as we are orbiting the sun, we can make use of its energy. Another advantage is that Solar Energy is clean. No drilling, fracking or mining has to take place to make use of it. Like plants that use the sun to photosynthesize, we can spread our leaves and use the energy of the sun’s rays. What are our leaves? Solar PV Panels – manufactured in Bahrain – used across the globe.

By using Solar Energy we are drastically reducing Bahrain’s carbon footprint. We estimate that with our Solar PV Panel manufacturing efforts, we are eliminating 20,000 tonnes of carbon per year, the same as taking 4,400 cars off the road.

Our facility’s manufacturing capacity is 60,000 panels per year. This is equal to producing 15 MegaWatts of power. Our prices are comparable to those available in China or India, without the import cost. This is because the Solar PV Panels are manufactured and assembled in Bahrain.

We are able to make panels of different sizes to suit different energy needs. Panel sizes range from 1 Watt to 350 Watt. 250 Watt is the standard size for the industry. Being able to tailor make panels makes Solar One adaptable to your unique energy needs. Solar One is positioned to anticipate and facilitate a shift towards Renewable Energy. Solar Power will prove to be the Bahraini household or business’ economical choice.

After the utilities subsidy in Bahrain lifts, the proposed rate of energy will be 28 fils per kWh. At this rate, if you install just 8 solar panels onto a building, you stand to save around 8 BD per month. This totals approximately to 100BD per year!

We are Solar One. We are Bahrain’s first Solar PV Panel manufacturing facility. We help you take Solar Energy and turn it into clean, renewable power for your homes and businesses.

We are Solar One and we are putting power back in the hands of the people.