We’ve explained how Solar Energy works in a previous post, but what actually happens when Solar Panels harvest energy?

Once the Solar Panels have harvested energy, it needs somewhere to go. This is where your solar battery pack comes in. The battery is the store of the system. It contains your harvested energy for utilization.

You may choose to utilise the harvested energy immediately when solar energy is plentiful (great for summer months). You can also store energy for use down the line. The battery pack of your system can be used as an energy deposit box, saving energy for later utilization. Having a well working solar battery pack enables you to keep your building powered year round.

Batteries act as a bank for your solar energy. Once the sun’s rays are converted into electricity, your batteries receive a charge. Any power used in your building comes from these batteries. If you’re using a lot of power, your batteries will keep receiving electricity to charge. Once these batteries are fully charged, your system stops taking in energy. This is important so that your circuit does not get overloaded.

Solar Panel - Solar One - Solar Battery - Inverter - BahrainFirst off its important to understand that the energy being generated from your solar panels in known as Direct Current (DC) and needs to be converted to Alternating Current (AC) which is suitable to use at home and office.

Solar One creates Photo Voltaic panels that are customizable to fit different sized systems. With this in mind, finding the right battery type for your power requirements is needed to ensure a good fit.

There are a few different types of batteries. For kitchen appliances for instance, you’ll probably need a 12-volt DC battery. However, this is too small to power a building.

A good fit with Solar One panels would be an inverter battery system. These can convert 12, 24 or 48 Direct Current battery voltage into a 120V AC. This can operate larger household appliances such as your electric stove, fridge and TV.

You should ensure that your battery is the appropriate size to fit your solar powered system’s needs. It is essential for your batteries to be able to handle the energetic output of your system. Your batteries need to be up to storing the correct amount of energy.

Talk to your solar system dealer and find a good fit. Using too large of a battery is ineffective. Using too small of a battery is dangerous. Find a happy medium.

Solar One’s Photo Voltaic panels can last up to two decades with minimal maintenance. This is not the case with your system’s batteries. Regular maintenance is required, and timely replacement is needed to ensure safety.

Store your batteries in a safe, closed off location that is both well ventilated and non metallic. Always check your batteries for wear and tear, and replace at the first sign of damage.

Finding a good battery system to store said power is an essential part of your energy equation.